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I am a Grand Rapids native, but now live in Lexington Kentucky! I love to travel and experience new places. My philosophy is that I love REAL LOVE, not the staged and super mushy hallmark love.   

I love when my husband randomly brings me an iced coffee, the sleep overs in our living room that end up with us in bed instead of the couch, and the last minute emergency dog baths because we thought the backyard wasn’t muddy. I love the small intimate moments that get overlooked the most.

Really, i’m just an introvert, an enneagram 2, and a Meyer briggs INFP, who appreciates a real love story and the small moments in-between.


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Classic, Vintage, natural, and laid back!

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My perfect day is driving with my freedom top off my wrangler to grab an iced coffee with my husband! + ending the night playing some animal crossing while cuddling with my pups.


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"Allie!! Thank you so so much for my photos, I love how you were able to capture our personalities and our relationship. I cannot wait to print these!"


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Thank you so much for taking the time to head out here and navigate though covid! You were always so reliable and easy to get ahold of no matter what. I truly appreciate you!"